How To Use Chopsticks

If you're not of Oriental origin, the thought of using chopsticks to eat an entire meal can be very daunting! However, rest assured that it actually isn't very difficult at all, once the technique is dissected into the 3 simple steps.

Learn to use a pair of chopsticks...

Step 1

How to use Chopstick step 1

Rest one chopstick on the 3rd and 4th fingers with thumb on top of the middle part of the chopstick.

Step 2

How to use Chopstick step 2

Hold the other chopstick on the index and middle fingers, by using the tip of the thumb to keep the chopstick in place.

Step 3

How to use Chopstick step 3

Level chopsticks, pick up food with movement of the upper chopstick, keep the lower chopstick stationary at all times.

Now practice, practice, practice! And most importantly, have fun!

Where to Buy Chopsticks?

To many of our readers, buying a pair of good chopsticks may be as difficult as learning to use the chopstick. I have found a website that describes a brief history of the chopsticks and also offers a wide range Chinese and Japanese bamboo chopsticks.

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