Chinese Cooking Recipes

Here's a complete list of traditional Chinese recipes, specially created to make Chinese cooking healthier by avoiding deep frying and using less salt.

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Prawn and Fruit Salad Minced Pork Wrapped in Lettuce

Appetizer Recipes

Beef Recipes

Chicken with Cashew Nuts Paper Wrapped Chicken Honey Roast Chicken Steak Chicken with Ham and Lettuce

Chicken Recipes

  • Chicken with Cashew Nuts - Get nuts over chicken with this special chicken with cashew nuts recipe.
  • Paper Wrapped Chicken - A healthier recipe to prepare paper wrapped chicken by baking and not deep frying.
  • Honey Roast Chicken Steak - A roast chicken steak recipe flavored with honey, oyster sauce and sherry wine that is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Chicken with Ham and Lettuce - Try out this easy to prepare chicken with ham and lettuce recipes.
  • Chicken with Beansprouts - A simple and easy to cook recipe with all the nutritional goodness of chicken and bean sprouts.
  • Garlic Roast Chicken - A simple recipe to prepare juicy roast chicken flavoured with only garlic, salt, soy sauce and sesame oil.
  • Royal Chicken - An easy and quick to prepare main dish with chicken legs, carrot and onion that goes well with steamed rice.

Egg and Omelette Recipes

  • Boozy Onion Omelette - An all-time favorite easy-to-prepare fried egg dish that goes well with steam rice.
  • Steamed Tofu with Egg - Soft silken tofu with salted and fresh egg steamed to perfection to satisfy the craving of both tofu and egg lovers.

Fried Rice and Noodle Recipes

Sweet and Sout Pork Crispy Pork Meatballs Stir Fried Pork with Kai Lan Spicy Pork with French Beans

Pork Recipes

Seafood Recipes

  • Sweet and Sour Fish - The healthier way to prepare the all-time favorite sweet and sour fish - baked and not fried - in order to cut down the amount of oil used.
  • Salmon with Black Bean Sauce - A not-so-common salmon recipe - steamed with black bean sauce and garnished with spring onion.

Vegetable Recipes

  • Stir-Fried French Beans and Carrots - An all vegetables recipe. For the ultra health conscious and vegetarians, you will still get a tasty treat even with the use of chicken stock cube.
  • Stir-Fried Baby Kai Lan - A popular and classic vegetable recipe with literally lots of green that complements well with chicken, fish or meat main dish. The oyster sauce really really birng out the exception flavour of this vegetable dish.
  • Stir-Fried Wong Bok - The Chinese believes in balancing the Yin and Yang. This Wong Bok recipe contribute the cooling(Yin) factor in your diet to balance the heat(Yang) factor in most meat dish.
Green Bean Soup Almond Jelly with Longan Barley Water Ice Lemon Tea

Dessert Recipes

  • Green Bean Soup - A traditional dessert to "cool" our body. It is believed to help dispel internal heat, clear away toxins and relieve hot weather ailments.
  • Almond Jelly with Longans - The almond jelly with longan is a refreshing dessert and a sweet ending to any meal, Chinese or otherwise.
  • Barley Water - The barley water is a healthy drink that goes well with any meal and with many health benefits.
  • Ice Lemon Tea - The ice lemon tea helps to ease the heavy feeling of oily food.
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